"The heater is super quiet and starts warming the room in as little as 30 seconds. It’s safe to the touch and has an auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating."

"It’ll heat a 10’ by 10’ room with ease, and remains beautiful all summer long when the heating element of this tech gift isn’t necessary.

"I bought this heater for my daughter’s room.  Her room is decorated in Hawaiian Beach theme, so this heater fits perfectly in her décor. It actually gets pretty chilly in SoCal, so we have to use a heater in her room. I’m super excited I’ve found an infrared one, which is so much better than a floor heater, and it is pretty too. My daughter loves it – one less thing on her floor 😊."
- Selina
Huntington Beach, CA

"I purchased the Agate heater for my home office. It heats the room quickly and it’s nice to look at. I love that it saves electricity. I’m thinking about getting one for our bedroom."
- Angela
Montreal, Canada

"I’ve done some research about infrared heat before buying this heater. The infrared doesn’t dry the air and doesn’t use much power, which is perfect for my bedroom since I run it all night. I also like the designs - I got Almond Blossoms."
- Kory
Vancouver, BC

"Thought my wife was crazy when she bought this, but I have to say, I'm impressed. Keeps our TV room nice and warm without the fan noise of our little portable. Im sold."
- Dan
Whitefish, MT

"I always worry about my little one getting too cold or too hot at night. This heater works great in his room. I like that it has auto shut off so I know it won’t overheat. And the picture is adorable - mama and baby giraffes."
- Mindy
Austin, TX

"I bought one for my LOs room and one for my yoga room.  Comfortable temperature once it gets up to the right heat.  I turn these on when I turn off the central heat in the morning."
- Alana
Mill Valley, CA

"I work in my office at home all day.  My husband goes to work so it just doesn't make sense to heat the whole house all day for just me."
- Kim
Chicago, Il

"I watch my Leafs in the basement after the family goes to sleep.  I'm cheap as F$$$ so I like to know I am saving money. For West coast games I turn on the heater around dinner time and the downstairs is ready for me at face-off."
- Dan
Newport, RI

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