Infrared Heat is radiated heat

Infrared heat is generated when infrared light, invisible to the naked eye, is absorbed by our bodies and objects around us, then naturally radiated back into the surrounding area. Heat generation is fast, efficient, and economical due to infrared light being able to heat physical objects in a room, and not just the air around those objects.

Why Infrared Heating?

Safety: When purchasing a space heater, safety is a major concern. With Invroheat infrared heaters, the core temperatures never reach those of a conventional heater. A metal sheath covers the heating element, protecting children and animals from burns and injury, even if they touch the heater directly.

Instant Heat: Instead of warming the air like conventional heaters, infrared heaters heat people and objects in the room directly. The rays produced by infrared heaters penetrate and warm you beneath the skin. This all happens immediately, with no need to wait for the heat to buildup.

Efficiency: One of the benefits of infrared heating is that you only heat the parts of your home that you are using at any given time. When you are not heating your entire home, you'll save up to 50% on your heating bill. Also, with no carbon combustion, there are no toxic, environmentally harmful byproducts from infrared heating.

Product Details

•Simple and easy to install
•Not just a heater but also a poster
•Safer for children and pets

The Invroheat Decorative Wall Hanging Room Heater will keep you warm while adding a decorative touch to the room, and saving over 50% on your electricity bill! Our Heaters are perfect for babies' & kids' rooms, dorm rooms, garages, attics, offices, and all other areas that need heating. Our heaters are completely silent, simply hang on your wall and plug it in.

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