New York Flatiron
New York Flatiron
$129.99 $49.95
$129.99 $79.95

Beachfront Pier

$129.99 $79.95

Let this picturesque landscape lead you to a tranquil waterfront.  You can almost feel the gentle breeze and the warm sunshine on your face.

• Raises room temperature 10-15 degrees, while adding a decorative touch
• Perfect for babies room, dorms, craft rooms, home office
• Easily transportable, completely portable
• Size: 40 x 22 / Weight: 2.2 lbs
• 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

      New Patented Infrared Technology
      Replace dangerous space heaters with Invroheat's new decorative wall hanging room heater. Infrared heat is radiant, just like how the sun heats the ground, or a fire heats your skin. Infrared heating is more efficient than convection heating, because it heats people and objects before it heats the air around them.  No Fan = No Sound.

      Cost Effective, Energy Efficient, Healthy Infrared Heat
      Saves over 50% on electricity cost compared to conventional space heater.

      Our heaters support healthy breathing and may help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by retaining the moisture in the air better than conventional heaters.

      Safety Features
      Auto safety shut-off prevents overheating. Our heaters are safe to the touch, and will not burn skin. No more tripping over dangerous space heater wires. Easy to use on/off switch. Safe for children and pets!

      Compact and Portable (Specifications)
      Rolls up for easy carrying and storage. Easy to Use - No assembly required, simply hang on the wall and plug in. It takes only 30 seconds to start warming your room.

        • Picture size: 40" x 22"
        • Weight: 2.5 lbs
        • Capacity: Heats up to 12 x 12ft room
        • Power Supply: 110V / 430W / 3.9 amps

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        Beachfront Pier
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